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What I learned from the Olympics?

The 2014 Winter Olympics have wrapped up and many people are already looking forward to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.  It makes no difference whether we are watching athletes compete in the Winter or the Summer Olympics, each of these competitions are a feeding frenzy for the importance of the mental game in competition.

 After watching these 2014 Winter Games, I was reminded of two important parts of competition.

  1. It is about the process.

Many Olympic events are based on an individual activity focusing on achieving the lowest time at the moment.  This is the epitome of the process.  It is the athlete versus the half pipe, the ski slope, or the bobsled track.  They have no control over the other athlete’s and their time, but they have total control over their focus and attention to the task at hand.

2.  It is the athlete that performs the best that wins.

The Olympics is a process and performance-based event.  In any event, there is a “favorite” to win a medal.  Even the favorite must go out and perform the best to win the medal.  Olympic medals are not given out before an event; they are given out after an individual has earned it.

A successful life is often expensive.  It will cost you something to become a champion.

Time.  Energy.  Focus.

Dominate the Day With Enthusiasm and Energy.





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  1. The 3 things we supposedly don’t have enough of because we too busy.

    Be focused enough to make time and find the energy. If you really want something we will get it. How badly do you want it??? Or is it just lip service?

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