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The PROCESS Provides Purpose, Passion, and Power

Present day society not just expects immediate results, it demands immediate results.  Everywhere you look there is a demand for results.  The mentally tough competitor must commit to the PROCESS of improvement.  A commitment to improvement provides three main things:

1.  Purpose

The mentally tough competitor that focuses on the PROCESS of improvement develops a purpose that will drive them to COMPETE everyday.  The mentally tough competitors COMPETE against themselves.  When they focus on competing with themselves, others are willing to help them.

2.  Passion

Passion is that ever-burning fire inside of the competitor to do something to improve.  The beauty of the PROCESS of improvement and the development of purpose and passion is that in a team environment it becomes a motivator for others.

3.  Power

As society expects immediate results, a mentally tough competitor establishes the power over their development and mindset when the focus on the PROCESS of improvement.

Improvement is a PROCESS.  When a competitor can maintain perspective on the PROCESS of getting better, they will develop a purpose in their life, a passion to improve, and power over their lives that others will see and emulate.

Until next week, focus on the PROCESS of improvement and enjoy the Purpose, Passion, and Power.



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  1. Love the mindset. Focus on the process not the result and you will get what you’re looking for. Wish more could be like this! Thanks for encouraging others!

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