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Perfection is NOT the Goal


Diamonds are a precious resource and are a great example of what it means to be a competitor.

  1. Diamonds are formed about 100 miles deep within the earth, where it’s hot and there is a lot of pressure. This is true for us as individuals and as a part of a team, we are forming and preparing in the heat and under pressure of competition.
  2. Diamonds are brought to the surface of the Earth as a result of a violent explosion that propels them quickly through the earth, cementing the Carbon bonds in place. (A 1 Karat diamond has billions and billions of bonds.) When you are experiencing adversity, you are being propelled through the heat and pressure and you are cementing the bonds of a team or the strength in your competitive mindset in place.
  3. Lastly, Diamonds are used as a sign of commitment and strength. It is a commitment based on bonds, and it is a strength that is so strong, it is used on blades to cut through bricks or pavement or in life to signify the commitment of one person to another.

Diamonds are seen as these valuable resources and gems, signifying commitment and strength, however it is important to note that diamonds are rarely ever perfect. Approximately 26,000 kilograms of diamonds are mined annually and a fraction of these are considered “perfect” when they are pulled from the ground. Even after they are mined, they go through many processes and cuttings to be built into the fine jewelry that is sold around the world.

This is true for all of us in the Community of Competitors; we are being formed through heat and pressure and are far from perfection. We are undergoing change on a daily basis to be chiseled into a fine competitor. Just like the strength of a diamond, we have the strength and the beauty to be chiseled away into a valuable competitor. This chiseling and process that we undergo does not lead us to perfection, but enhances our growth and allows us to become more than we ever could have imagined.