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How will you know when your MISSION is complete?

“How do you know if your mission in life is fi nished? If you’re still alive, it isn’t.”

– Richard Bach, American Writer

The Heart of the Competitor’s mission is continuous, for it is not the pursuit of championships but of excellence. Excellence is the goal in every endeavor that is pursued. Excellence is frequently confused with perfection, however, true excellence is a commitment to continually pursuing improvements through learning opportunities.

The Mission of the Heart of a Competitor is to build mentally tough competitors that are able to continually move forward on their mission pursuing excellence in their daily habits and routines. The Heart of the Competitor desires to be known for their daily work and persistence through adversity to achieve at the highest level they are capable of achieving. A commitment to extremely strong daily routines over a long period of time allows excellence to be achieved. Excellence may be the attainment of several short-term goals or pursuit of a large long-term goal.

The Heart of the Competitor’s mission is never complete. This is not to say that busyness or “getting things done” is essential in a mission; your mission is about completing the right things. You will know they are the right things when your mind and energy are open to the opportunities around you and you are led to pursue these right opportunities.

Your mission will guide you through your life as a competitor to pursue excellence. By taking the time to establish your mission, you are allowing the experiences in your life to happen and learning opportunities to occur for excellence to be pursued.


What is an event or learning opportunity that has occurred in the last day, week, or month that has demonstrated to you that you are on the right track for your mission?