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Lesson in Leadership: Self-Leadership

Our focus on Leadership in the month of November continues.  In our first week, we focused on Leaders being eagles, soaring high with courage, being present and prepared when adversity arises.  (Eagles as Leaders Message.)  Last week, we learned about Nelson Mandela’s message on leadership and his view as true leaders being shepherds and facilitating the movement forward of the flock, supporting others in the process of becoming a leader.  (Mandela on Leadership.)  This week, we turn our focus to leading yourself.

Many times Leadership is focused on what we are doing outwardly and leading others, but true leadership begins with leading ourselves.  This is not a selfish leadership it is about preparing ourselves to be leaders.  Leaders are always learning, trying to make the great even better and it begins with leading themselves.  Personally, when I have lost this focus, I have been a poor leader.  If you lead yourself and what is close to you, you will lead others to allow them to perform at a higher level than they currently are.  (This is Leadership!)

Self-Leadership must include a plan for growth and learning.  True leaders are developing themselves.  This development does not need to be a great epiphany, but a commitment to becoming and may include reading on a consistent basis, some form of professional development, and a close, small knit group of people who will provide honest (positive and negative) feedback on your journey.

In the area of reading, committing to read for 10 minutes a day or 10 pages a day will allow you to read a minimum of a book a month.  You can learn a lot from 12 books in a year.  A book that I just completed is a newly released piece by John Brubaker entitled, Seeds of Success.  It took me a mere five days to read Seeds of Success.  Once I picked it up, I could not put it down.  The small “seeds” that are included in this book are genuine and great reminders to appreciate the relationships we enjoy in our lives.  It is important to let you know that I appreciate and enjoy the relationship we have through the Community of Competitors weekly newsletter.  Seeds of Success is the perfect blend of lessons woven into a story.  Check out Seeds of Success by clicking here: Seeds of Success Book.

Engaging in professional development opens the doors to hearing how other successful people are learning and growing.  You will also hear of the mistakes they made, what they learned from them, and implement the lessons they learned into your life.  One great form of professional development for coaches is to attend a coaches clinic or convention.  For the Baseball and Softball Coaches out there, we would love to have you join us at the Be the Best Coaches Convention in Atlantic City, NJ.  Check out the speakers’ page and other information using the following link: Be the Best Coaches Convention.  This event includes a first class line-up of speakers and I am honored to be playing a small part in serving the coaches that come to this event.

Continue to lead yourself to new and great opportunities that are all around us.