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It’s Not the Plays, It’s the Players

“Extreme teamwork developed when they transitioned from depending on plays for confidence to depending on one another.”

– John Eliot in his book, Help the Helper

The Heart of the Competitor realizes the importance of selflessness and understands that selflessness is truly self-sacrifice, the giving up of things for others.

For a team of individuals to reach the pinnacle of performance as a unit, there must be self-sacrifice.  When the words sacrifice is brought into the equation, it conjures up images of losing something.  The true competitor realizes that selflessness and teamwork are actually giving everything that we have to developing into a better person on a daily basis.  This giving is a total commitment to the team’s goals, a confidence in teammates, and a realization that a team will accomplish exponentially more than individual.

This is the basis for Mr. Eliot’s quote from his book Help the Helper.  This quote was found in his book when he was describing a basketball team.  With a change in ownership, the Portland Trailblazers of the NBA began to focus their mindset on giving to others rather always taking.  Each NBA team has sound plays they believe will allow them to be successful with their athletic ability. In the Trailblazers case, their extreme and unbeatable teamwork developed when they depended on each other, rather than depending on the play that was designed.

This further evidences that true success if not about the play that is called, it is about the players confidently executing the play that is called.  The Heart of the Competitor is called to connect with their teammates and share the energy that connects them together.

This is the compounding of energy.  Relating this to basketball, the feeling that five are stronger than one, when five play as one.  Regardless of your sport or business, you are stronger together than you are individually.

Question of the Day:

Knowing that giving develops confidence and extreme teamwork, what can you do today to give to one of your teammates?