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Glass Ceilings Destroyed (Part 2)

Glass ceilings are made to be broken. We look all around us there are limitations that we placed upon ourselves in that others place upon us that need to be destroyed. Last week we looked at College programs that were eliminating their own glass ceilings.  The Millersville University baseball team is now #1 in the country and recently captured their fourth straight PSAC East division title.  This is an amazing accomplishment for a program that just 10 short years ago did not have a field on campus and about .5 scholarships available.  The Millersville softball team is entering their first ever PSAC conference tournament, and the York College of Pennsylvania softball team achieved the highest number of wins in a season since 2010 with no seniors in their program.

This week we look at the high school programs that have committed to developing their heart of a competitor and how they’re breaking through their own glass ceilings.

In the Lampeter-Strasburg Athletics program, the softball team and the girls’ Lacrosse team are actively developing their Competitor’s Heart.  The softball team is focused on their Core Values of Heart, Energy, Focus, Trust, and You (HEFTY).  They are constantly reminding each other to be true to these core values and compete with them in mind.  Take a look at this picture recently taken during a game and you can see their Heart hanging in the background.

The Pioneer Lacrosse team is currently playing their best Lacrosse since the inception of the program.  These ladies have committed to building each other up by reading a concept a day from the soon to be published book: A Competitor’s Heart and this has kept their focus on competing and getting better each day.

The Hempfield Softball team is destroying their glass ceilings by attacking their lofty goals on a pitch by pitch basis.  The Penn Manor Baseball team has also jumped on the building of their Heart of a Competitor by focusing on becoming a not just a team, but a Tribe.  This Tribe is developing their own legacy to be marked by the #Tribe94 as the 94th edition of the Penn Manor Baseball program.

Lastly is Elco Baseball and Head Coach Chris Weidner.  Coach Weidner recently  was recognized for his 200th coaching victory.  The theme for the Raider Baseball Family is #Selfless and they continue to compete and play this way.

Glass Ceilings are meant to be destroyed.  Keep building your Heart of a Competitor and you will destroy the glass ceilings in your life.