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Community of Competitors: Character

“In self-actualizing people, the work they do might better be called “mission,” “calling,” “duty,” “vocation,” in the priest’s sense. This mission in life is actually so identified with the self that it becomes as much a part of the worker as his liver or lungs. For the truly fortunate worker, the ideally enlightened worker to take away work (mission in life) would be almost equivalent to killing him.”

– Abraham Maslow, Author of Maslow on Management

Abraham Maslow was ahead of his time. As pictured above, he established Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a hierarchy in which a lower level must be met before moving on to the higher level. This quote lends focus to the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Self-Actualization. A self-actualizing person must have all of their lower level needs met.

The Heart of the Competitor establishes character that is defined by their mission or purpose. The Heart of the Competitor engrains their mission so deep within themselves, that it becomes part of their being. Maslow notes this as their work and labels them as a worker; however, he does not mention this as being their job.

Focus on your work and being a worker. The CHARACTER in the Heart of the Competitor is the mission of continued development to be the best you that you can become.

Question of the Day:

What is your MISSION/PURPOSE statement that will drive you on a daily basis?

I would love to hear what your mission or purpose is that drives you on a daily basis.  Share it with the Community of Competitors!!