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Life is a Clumsy Balance


“A career path is rarely a path at all. A more interesting life is usually a more crooked, winding path of missteps, luck and vigorous work. It is almost always a clumsy balance between the things you try to make happen and the things that happen to you.”

– Tom Freston, Entertainment Industry Executive


Albert Einstein reminded us that in order to maintain balance in life, we needed to keep moving forward, to keep pedaling our bike. The Yin and Yang introduced us to the understanding that what we view as opposites are actually complementary and are interdependent of each other. Gandhi taught us to live in harmony by matching what we think, with what we say, and what we do. These individuals and concepts have existed for an extensive period of time. Tom Freston, on the other hand is a 21st century entrainment industry executive, having been one of the team members that founded Music Television, known as MTV.


Mr. Freston’s quote above is a short, yet powerful lesson on the balance that is required in life to progress on our journey of developing the Heart of a Competitor. While he begins with a reference to a career path, he is truly relating balancing adversity and experiences in life, and this is true for the competitor within us. Our journey to the Heart of a Competitor is fraught with winding missteps, luck and vigorous work. Through the adversity, the learning opportunities that many people refer to as mistakes, the competitor embarks on the winding road, not a path, which is life.


The Heart of the Competitor is always searching and pushing to make things happen, searching for opportunities to make their mark, improve their skills. There are times, when it is more about utilizing the things that have happened to you and not what you have made happen. Balance is essential to being open and prepared for things to happen to you and being able to respond. Dynamic balance is utilized when moving in athletics and dynamic balance is needed in our competitive and mental well-being. The dynamic balance to keep moving forward and enjoying the journey as events and things happen to you.


Question of the Day:

Evaluate yourself today; did your thoughts, words, and actions match each other? Did they move you forward toward your goals?