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3 Reasons to take the Leap of Faith

An amazing story of taking risks early in life was aired on the BBC in October. It is the story of the Barnacle gosling.  Check out the 2 Minute Video  on the BBC Page.

 Barnacle Gosling’s Leap of Faith 

Barnacle geese need to nest their eggs high up on a cliff, so they are protected from predators, specifically the Arctic Fox. Shortly after birth, hatching form the comfort of the eggshell, these newly hatched goslings are called upon to take a nearly 4oo foot plunge.


Their parents, specifically the mother, urge these newborn goslings on to take the “Leap of Faith.”


These young goslings inherit a trait to follow their mother anywhere, but they are still reluctant to jump of this cliff.   The filmmakers noted the goslings may take 30 minutes to half a day to muster up the courage to take their Leap of Faith.


What can we learn from the Barnacle Geese?

  1. Encourage our offspring to take the Leap of Faith.

As a parent of two young boys, we are always concerned about their safety and this is warranted, however, they need to be pushed to take the Leap of Faith and jump at opportunity when it arises. The Leap of Faith is where the great experiences occur in our lives.

  1. When you take the Leap of Faith, how you land decides your fate.

The Barnacle gosling is unable to fly, but they can glide. This gliding allows them to land on their bellies and absorb the impact. The courage to take a Leap of Faith allows new experiences, new learning for all of us. When taking the Leap of Faith, like the Barnacle gosling, we will fall, but is how we land that will decide our fate.

  1. Staying put allows your predators will gobble you up.

Arctic foxes will eat the Barnacle goslings that do not take a Leap of Faith. Waiting around to do something allows others to get ahead, to surpass you. Someday is not a deadline for accomplishing or doing something, someday is not a date on the calendar.

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Be like Siri and Pretend You Did NOT Hear That

Do you ever feel yourself being drawn into negativity? Does your attention get pulled in a number of different directions? Are you annoyed by the notifications popping up on your screen or buzzing in your pocket?

Pretend that you do not hear them and are not distracted. (Read below to understand what I mean.)

This past week, my wife relayed an incident that occurred at home while I was at work.

Our oldest son, Simon, was playing with our iPad. By chance, he had accessed Siri. Siri was prepared to answer any question or provide any information that was requested. While Simon was occupied with Siri, our youngest son, Spencer was running around the house and like any normal two year-old, he was being loud and enjoying himself.   Simon proceeded to yell at Spencer by saying, “Stop it. Do not do that.” Simon said this without realizing Siri was still active on the iPad. Siri responded by saying, “I am going to pretend I did not hear that.”

After chuckling at this anecdote, I was reminded that in order to compete at the top of our game, we should be more like Siri. When there are crazy things going on around us and others are pulling at our attention, you must continue to focus on the present moment and say, “I am going to pretend I did not hear that.”

When your teammates or coworkers proceed down the road of negativity, be like Siri and say to them, “I am going to pretend I did not hear that.”

When working on a project and your phone buzzes, say to yourself, “I am going to pretend I did not hear that.”

This week, focus on the present moment by being like Siri and pretend you did not hear that.

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One Way to COMPETE in the Present



Competing in the present moment is about being where your feet are. If your feet are in the batter’s box getting ready to hit, your mind needs to be there ready to hit. If your feet are in the shotgun position, your mind needs to be there as well, progressing through your reads of the defense. If your feet are at the foul line shooting a free throw in the waning seconds of a tight game, your mind needs to be there, where your feet are.

In the Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown always takes a beating from Lucy for his deficiencies. The shortcomings Lucy attacks are usually related to his preparation and commitment to being a confident competitor. In this edition of Peanuts, Lucy belittles Charlie Brown for striking out to the end the last game of the year and attempts to provide feedback on his inability to play in the present moment. Lucy’s words are “insightful” however; Charlie Brown’s response demonstrates his lack of ability to play in the present moment, admitting that he was thinking about his new girlfriend.

When the Competitor enters the arena of competition, all other factors must be pushed away and left outside the field.   When you tie your shoes to dress for practice, you are like the race car driver strapping in for the race, or the fighter pilot preparing for takeoff, there are no other thoughts than the mission you are embarking on. Leave these thoughts and concerns in your locker, your gym bag, or at home and be where your feet are.

Question of the Day:

When preparing for competition, where will you leave your concerns?

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Did you sync your iPhone or Back it up?

This past week, my iPhone began to struggle to keep the proper time. Throughout the week it would need turned off and turned back on to get the correct time. After turning it back on it would have the correct time and then inevitably it would stay at that time. This was frustrating and at the same time, it allowed for me to disengage with my smartphone for a couple of days, which was liberating.

On Friday night, I made sure to sync my iPhone and I made an appointment at the local Apple store to have my phone checked to solve this issue. The Apple store service was exceptional; they tried a couple of solutions, which did not work. Thankfully, I was still within the 1-year warranty window by 4 days, so they decided a good option was to swap out my old phone for a new version of the same model. The person helping me asked if I had backed up my phone. In my mind, I had done this the night before, and I learned a lesson on the difference between syncing your phone and backing up your phone. By syncing my iPhone, I was only transferring data and making it available in different places, through different applications on different devices.   Backing up your iPhone is needed to create an exact copy, to store data AND settings that are on your device that are individual to you.

This made me think about how in our lives, we think we are doing something, using certain language, like syncing, but really we should be backing up our thoughts with actions. Syncing is merely making a copy of our data and making it available across a number of different devices. How many times are we going through the motions and just doing things? When we are asked to do something, we sync up with our usual way of doing business, the way we have done it before and we are in sync, but are we backed up?

Backed up is making sure our settings are in line, ensuring they are consistent, so they can be restored at any time. Backing up is being filled with confidence on a daily basis. Backing up is knowing that you have a philosophy that can handle change and a daily routine that places you in the proper frame of mind to attack any adversity that comes your way.

This week, focus on backing yourself up with confidence.