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A Competitor’s Heart is UNLIMITED

The only limits are those that we place on ourselves. Humans remind themselves why they should not be doing something or why it will be difficult to accomplish. We create reasons why we should step aside and maintain the status quo.

The Heart of the Competitor fights the status quo mentality. The Heart of the Competitor does not settle and accept what is. They understand what is and pursue what they want. The Heart of the Competitor does not impose limitations on what they do and what they are able to accomplish.

To fight the thought of limitations, the Heart of the Competitor creates a daily plan for moving forward. Not just creating a list of things to accomplish in a day, but a consistent movement forward to push the limits. What will you accomplish today? What are you going to do to propel yourself through any limits that you or anyone else has tried to place upon you?

Remind yourself on a daily basis that you are pushing past the possible into the impossible. The Heart of the Competitor says, “I’m possible.” Whatever you can create or visualize in your mind, you can accomplish and achieve.

Question of the Day:

 What are the limitations that you have imposed upon yourself that you need to break through?