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Time is a Precious Resource

Every so often, we experience events in our lives that are reminders that can steer us in the right direction.  For me, that reminder occurred over the last two weeks, while my family was on vacation…Time is our most precious resource that we have and that we can give to our self and others.

When my wife started talking about taking our usual summer beach trip and extending it to two weeks instead of our usual one-week, I was a hesitant to agree.  However, about the time we were discussing this, I read a little piece by my good friend, speaker, best-selling author, and Executive Coach, John Brubaker about the importance of using time off and the number of unused vacation days within our country.  As a teacher, speaker and author, the temptation is there to use the summer months as a time to work on writing and connecting with various programs that I am blessed to work with, and when I read Coach Bru’s piece, I thought, “Let’s invest the time and go away for two weeks.”

The two weeks away was the best thing that ever happened for our family.  As a father of two young boys, I had dedicated time to take them to the playground and basketball courts every single day.  We also had quality time in the ocean jumping waves and riding waves.  Since we were away during the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, we had excuses to stay up late into the night and watch these events.  All of the time we were together is an investment in the building of our family.  Of course I still woke up in early in the morning and did some work, but everything that was done, was an investment of time.

Time is our most precious resource; we can either invest the time or spend the time.  Early on in my coaching career, I would have considered vacation an expense of time, something that I avoided; now time away with the family is an investment.  So the challenge for every Competitor is to look at their time and recognize the investment of this precious resource, time.

Every day is a competition and it is yours to win.

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What goes at the end of this sentence?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all talk to ourselves. Many people even joke that as long as they are not answering themselves, they are ok. While this may be a little bit humorous, it strikes at the heart of a needed area of improvement for an athlete to compete at the peak of their abilities.

Self-talk can take on many forms and the first step to addressing and driving our self-talk to be the talk of the Heart of the Competitor is to recognize what we are saying to ourselves. If we sit down and evaluate what we are saying to ourselves, we would be appalled. In many sessions and workshops with teams, I have given post-it notes to players and had them write down things they have said to themselves when they were struggling and they read as a laundry list of vulgar and foul language. If you were to use these words to a friend, they would quickly not be your friend, so why do we talk this way to ourselves?

Over the next week listen to your self-talk and what message you are providing to your inner being. A simple evaluation can relate to the punctuation that would be included at the end of the statements that you make to yourself. Do your statements end in a question mark or a period?

When your statements end with a question mark, you are creating a conversation in your mind, which leads to doubt in your skills and performance. As you are evaluating your self-talk and you notice these questions, make the transition to making statements in lieu of questions. Th is is a simple step in driving your self-talk to reinforce the Heart of a Competitor that you are creating to maintain this heartbeat during competition.


Over the last day or week, what are some statements that you have made or questions you have asked of yourself?

Every day is a competition and it is yours to win.