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Distracted By Talent

We are living in the age of distraction.  At any moment, we can experience a notification on our smartphone tellings us we need to check a social media update to an important email just begging to be answered.  While technology provides us examples of the various distractions that can invade our life, we are also distracted by talent.  In business, human resource offices are getting makeovers and renamed, including the word talent offices and in sports, we are constantly looking for the next great talented individual that will be an instant impact.  Fans, coaches, and even competitors get distracted by talent.


The North Carolina versus Kentucky NCAA Tournament game that was held yesterday included high level talent, and it is easy to be distracted by the talent in the game.  Just watch the last minute when Kentucky made some unbelievable 3-pointers and will be amazed at the talent that was on display.  Former walk-on, Luke Maye, made the game-winning shot for North Carolina with 0.3 seconds left in the game, and let’s be clear, Luke May has talent.  North Carolina does not offer a walk-on roster to spot to anyone off the street, but Luke Maye’s name is not going to be one of the first names you mention about the current North Carolina basketball team.  Maye’s post-game quote was a perfect example of why we need to be less distracted by talent and more focused on what we do a daily basis.  When Luke Maye was asked about making this last-second, game-winning shot, he answered, “I took that shot, just like I do everyday in practice.”


Herein lies our focus that great Competitors do in the spotlight what they do everyday outside of the spotlight.  We may be distracted by talent, but great performances do not just happen, they are prepared for and worked on every single day.  As we work on a daily basis, we are building the focus, the passion, and the talent that is on display.  Let us understand that talent is built, it is worked on, so do not be distracted by talent as something that is bestowed upon a chosen few.  Go out this week and build your talent and change the world because if you build your talent, soon we may be distracted by you.

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Do you need Confidence?

Act Confident. Breathe Confidence. These actions will develop the feeling of confidence.

“The confidence which we have in ourselves gives birth to much of that which we have in others.”

– Anonymous

Confidence is a feeling and while it is a feeling, we can take actions to develop this feeling. Picture the way you walk. Are you taking the “Loser’s Limp?” A slow walk with your eyes focused on the ground. Or are you taking the “Winner’s Walk/Successful Strut?” A powerful walk/strut with your head up, shoulder’s back, making eye contact and saying, “Hello” to anyone you come in contact with. Walking with a purpose and confidence is a simple action to do.

Focus on your breathing to develop confidence. When you breathe, breathe in positive energy. Feel your body breathing in the energy and strength that you require. When you exhale, you are breathing out the negativity and doubt that has crept into your body.

These two simple actions will allow you to develop confidence in yourself. This confidence in yourself will build and compound into something bigger because once we have confidence in ourselves, we will develop stronger confidence in our teammates and coworkers. Imagine what a team would be like if everyone walked off the bus at an away game with the Winner’s Walk. Your team would be ahead before the game even began.

Lastly, some of the greatest performances of all-time occurred when the performers were less than 100% Confident.  We love to build our confidence, but please know your confidence does not need to be fully charged to perform in the present moment.  Be strong with your body language and go COMPETE!!


Today, focus on the Winner’s Walk/Successful Strut and Breath in Confidence.

At the end of the day, reflect on the change in the way people respond to you.

Every day is a competition and it is yours to win.

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Whatever You See You Will Be

“Whatever we see, will be.”

Humans have the innate ability to see a future and achieve it. Before we actually achieve something, we have either visualized doing it and achieving it, or had a dream of actually doing it. In essence, our dreams, the visualized successes, become our reality, which also means, our nightmares, the visualized failures, can also become reality.

Bill Buckner is an example of a visualized failure becoming a reality. The date is October 9, 1986 and the Boston Red Sox are preparing for the World Series. Buckner is the starting 1st baseman for the Red Sox and is being interviewed about the upcoming World Series. Buckner provides the following glimpse of what would happen 16 days later, when he says the following:

“The dreams are that you’re gonna have a great series and win. The nightmares are that you’re gonna let the winning run score on a ground ball through your legs. Those things happen, you know. I think a lot of it is just fate.”

On October 25, 1986, Buckner’s nightmare came to fruition, when he left a slow ground ball off the bat of Mookie Wilson go through his legs, allowing the winning run to score in Game 6, which forced a Game 7 of the World Series the New York Mets would win.

Look at Buckner’s quote above; he did not visualize a “great” World Series. He spent little time on the “great” series, but he vividly described his nightmare. In visualizing, we must vividly see our dreams, vividly see our successes, the actual process that we will go through to be successful. What does a great series look like? For the baseball player, it looks like having a quality at-bat every time to the plate.

To be something, first we must SEE ourselves being something. If I want to be a mentally tough athlete with the Heart of a Competitor, I must see myself as a mentally tough athlete in control with the Heart of a Competitor.


What success can you see yourself accomplishing?

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Failure is Fuel for the Fire

Failure and rejection provide the coal to ignite the fi re that is determination.

Humans are born to set a goal and pursue this goal, establishing independence and enduring failure to accomplish this goal. Envision the small infant child moving from crawling to walking. The infant desires to walk because this will provide them with independence and the ability to explore more in the world. The first steps ultimately end in falling and failure. This does not keep the young child from walking. They soldier on with an immense determination to succeed.

The Competitor is going to receive numerous rejections and denials throughout their life and those that achieve real accomplishment, having a lasting impact on others are those that pursue their goals with determination.  This determination is a piece of the journey that drives the Heart of a Competitor.

Enjoy the rejections, the denials, and allow them to build the fuel tank that will propel you to achievement.


List 2-3 rejections or failures that have occurred recently. Use these as learning opportunities and motivation to push your forward on your journey?