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An Inconvenience = An Opportunity

When a forecast of a measureable snowstorm is broadcast over the local news stations, there is typically a rush to the grocery store.  People fear they will be stuck inside for an extended period of time and run out the needed supplies.  People generally complain about the winter weather and the inconvenience of snow.

Snow provides the perfect metaphor for our lives as competitors because in every inconvenience is an opportunity.

Many times we will wait for the conditions to be right to remove the snow.  We think that we need to wait until the snow is over or it is warmer and the snow will melt.  We rely on the weather or the conditions to become perfect.  This is our mind delaying and avoiding the work that needs to be done.

If the conditions never become “right,” we will never act, so another approach is to look around and see if there are other people that will clear the snow.  We take this mindset into competition, looking around to see if other people will step up and do what needs to be done.

The third option to clearing snow is TAKING ACTION.  Get to work and start shoveling.

The Heart of the Competitor is called to get to work and start shoveling in their competitive lives.  The Heart of the Competitor does not sit around and wait for the “conditions to be right.”  The Heart of the Competitor takes action and knows the conditions will never be perfect.  The Heart of the Competitor is taking the lead and moving forward, blazing the trail.  Have the Heart of a Competitor and take the first step.

This week, TAKE ACTION.

Is there something that you have been waiting to do?  Go for it, take a first step, then the second, then the third, and enjoy every inconvenience that occurs in your steps because within the inconvenience is the opportunity.

Is there something that you have been looking at others to do for you?  Take ownership back and TAKE ACTION.

As a competitor, the conditions will never be perfect; TAKE ACTION and you will create the optimum conditions for your best performances.

Create action and share this action on Facebook, Tweet about your action, or simply respond to this email.  I love to hear about COMPETITORS taking action and creating their best performances.

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Maintaining the Mission

“Every mission constitutes a pledge of duty.  Every man is bound to consecrate his every faculty to its fulfillment.  He will derive his rule of action from the profound conviction of that duty.”

 – William Lloyd Garrison, Journalist and a founder of the American Anti-Slavery Society

Goals are merely checkpoints on our journey that is our mission. A defined mission provides focus and determination to move forward, enduring setbacks as learning opportunities and successes as springboards. Establishing a mission creates a focus and mindset to be open to opportunities that are available to pursue our mission.

When on a mission, goals are needed, however they are merely checkpoints in this pursuit.

The mission of the Heart of the Competitor is to create the thought process within every individual that they have the ability to become the best they can be. It is about competing with yourself to become 1% better everyday. The Heart of the Competitor maintains the mindset of minuscule improvement over a long period of time, which allows greatness and excellence to be achieved.

The Heart of the Competitor is not about winning the athletic or competitive lottery; it is about a daily devotion to maintaining positive energy with focus and attention on what can be improved on a daily basis.

It is the purpose of the Heart of the Competitor daily readings to maintain the mindset of marching forward each day. This reinforcement is needed because the world around us will invade our thought process at times and provide doubt and distractions from our mission and goals. It is at these times the Heart of the Competitor is needed the most, to kick those doubts and questions out of our mind and focus on doing what we can to improve on that day.

Commitment from the heart to the mission will direct all of our work to improvement, which will lead to achievement and accomplishment.

Question of the Day:

What have you done to kick the doubts out of your mind and focus on your mission?

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An Investment Tip

“How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever.”

– David Norris, Irish Scholar

Time is an expensive currency.  Many people view money as their greatest form of payment or currency because it is tangible.  If I go to the store and buy a new pair of shoes, I have paid money and in return I have the shoes that I purchased in hand, a tangible product in return for my money.  When I go out to eat with my wife, we have had the experience of having a wonderful meal together and we have those tangible feelings of good food and fellowship.

When we are concerned about money and that is our focus, we can always make more of it.  We may have to do more work to make more money, but there is always a way to make more money.  However, when we spend time doing something, we cannot get that time back, it has been spent.  So we ask our selves this question:  Are we spending our time or are we investing our time?

The Heart of the Competitor INVESTS their time.  An investment is based on deposits and allowing the deposit to work for you, so it pays off down the road.  The Heart of the Competitor makes the deposits in the competitive bank during practice, strength and conditioning, pre-game preparation, mental conditioning, and every other opportunity there is to improve performance.  These deposits are made with their time, so a withdrawal can be made during competition.

So the question becomes:

Will you focus on investing your time and making deposits?


Will you spend your time and have nothing in your trust fund during competition?

Question of the Day:

What did you do today to INVEST your time?


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A Coach’s Super Bowl

A mess can become a message. A few weeks ago, I wrote about my mess as a coach becoming my message. I had gone through a difficult coaching experience, wherein I was focused on comparing myself and the program I was running to everyone else; when true competition is competing against yourself to do the best that you can. This experience has led me to the message that is the Heart of a Competitor and the program that is nearing completion.

Over the past year and a half I have had the opportunity to work with athletes and coaches in a variety of sports and it has taken me to a number of different athletic contests. In these athletic contests, the competitive arena, I love to watch the relationship between competitor and coach. The title of coach comes with great responsibility, a responsibility to connect with an athlete and translate your knowledge to their performance. There are a variety of ways to do this, but there is only one time to do it, in practice.

Practice is the coach’s Super Bowl, while the competition should be the competitor’s Super Bowl. The young competitor’s we work with always feel they are being evaluated because they are being recorded and evaluated in competitive situations. Great coaches do record and evaluate game situations, but they use it to teach in practice, not in the middle of a competition.

Using this video in the middle of a competition is a recipe for “Paralysis by Analysis.” Competitive greatness for an athlete is a mind and body connection to perform during competition, leaving the analyzing and judging for a later time. Competitive greatness is not enhanced by being shown where your feet or hands are located at during a movement; competitive greatness is about being connected and focused on performing at your peak.

For all of the competitors that read this message, continue to focus on competing and giving your best effort in the present moment during competitions. Then during practice be focused and connected to your coach and the lessons each of you have learned from competition.

For the coaches that read this message, treat practice like your Super Bowl and connect with and teach your athletes then, allow them to demonstrate their progress and COMPETE in the competition.