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3 Ways to Be A GREAT CEO

3 Ways to Be A Great CEO

On January 22, I had the opportunity to attend the LeaderSHIP conference at Shippensburg University, sponsored by Shippensburg Chamber of Commerce and Volvo Construction Equipment.  This event featured author and speaker, Jon Gordon.  Jon has written many books, including The Energy Bus. Listening to Jon that evening, reminded me that in our lives, both personal and professional, we are our own CEO, Chief Energy Officer.  He noted three words to keep in the forefront of our mind and actions to maintain ENERGY in our personal and professional lives:

1.  Love

Love is a not a feeling, it is a commitment.  Commit to have love in everything that you do.  It is an investment, and when you invest with love, it will compound and grow, thus increasing the Energy in our life.

2.  Serve

When we serve, we do the little things for others.  The interesting thing about service is that while we are doing for others, we are also increasing the Energy in ourselves.

3.  Care

We need to care and in turn, surround ourselves with people who care.  This is easy to say, but tough to live.  There is a need to care in everything that we do and everyone that we work with.  Find a unique way to show you care.

Love, Care, and Serve your way to being the best CEO, Chief Energy Officer, of your life.

Quote of the Week: 

“Ask what you can do that is outside of your duties and responsibilities.”

Todd Gothberg

Author of “No Reservations”

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What a CHAMPION can learn from Lions, Tigers, and Polar Bears

1.  A CHAMPION must have PRIDE to be successful.

A group of Lions is referred to as a PRIDE.






2.  A CHAMPION has PRIDE and will be prepared to AMBUSH their opponent.

A group of Tigers is referred to as an AMBUSH.

 An ambush is thought of as a sneak attack, an unexpected attack on an opponent.  When a CHAMPION has PRIDE, a daily routine that allows them to work on their skills, they are preparing to win all the time.  A CHAMPION is like a group of tigers, an AMBUSH, waiting to happen.

3.  A CHAMPION that has PRIDE, and AMBUSHES their opponent will enjoy the CELEBRATION.

A group of Polar Bears is referred to as a CELEBRATION.

A real champion works within his daily routine to pursue greatness and knows that this pursuit is made of small improvements every single day.  Achievements can come in all shapes and sizes and a mentally tough CHAMPION realizes that it is important to enjoy the CELEBRATION of these small victories.


Dominate Each Day with Enthusiasm and Energy


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Be a Champion and Ambush your Opponent

Be a Tiger… and Ambush your Opponent

Lions travel in groups known as a PRIDE, while Tigers travel in groups known as an AMBUSH.  A Real Champion can be like a TIGER in 3 ways:

1.  Have your own stripes.

Every single tiger in the world has his or her own distinct pattern of stripes.  Much like the tiger, each athlete is unique and has their stripes or strengths.  An athlete should be proud of their stripes and use them to the best of their ability.

2.  Real Champions can work when no one is watching.

Tigers are loners; they rarely travel in groups.  A real champion is comfortable and trusts their individual strengths to allow them to survive.  They do not rely on their peers.

3.  Champions learn from adversity.

Tigers average a kill in 1 out of 20 attempts, so like a tiger, a champion continues to come back after a failure for they know this is how they gain their fuel for success.

This week, you are challenged to be a TIGER and AMBUSH your opponent, have your own stripes, work when no one is watching, and learn from adversity.


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Begin the Year as a Lion

2014 = Begin The Year as a Lion

An athlete should take PRIDE in their preparation and performance.






Lions are well known to travel in groups, known as a PRIDE.  There are three characteristics of a Lion PRIDE that athletes should use:

  1. Lions are cooperative group hunters.  They work together in their PRIDE to hunt and find their food.
  2. Socialization and working together in a PRIDE is important to a Lion, they value this.
  3. If a Male Lion strays from the PRIDE, they will not survive, they NEED the PRIDE.

As you attack this week, take PRIDE in the fact that you are part of a PRIDE and demonstrate your PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN DAILY EXCELLENCE!!

Look for next week’s post on moving from a Lion to Tiger.

Dominate this week with Relentless Positive Energy and Enthusiasm!!