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1 Surefire Way to Grow in 2015


As we enter the last couple weeks of 2014 take the time to pause and reflect on the year.  As you reflect, try to do this impartially, allowing your mind to observe what occurred.  These events and your progress will eventually be labeled as successful or not however, I challenge you to truly reflect on the progress that has been made in your life.  If you do not see progress, make a commitment to use your strengths in 2015.  Notice I said, use your strengths, not improve on your weaknesses.  It is commonplace for people to choose a New Year’s resolution in an area of their life they are dissatisfied with, an area of weakness.  This approach is a set-up for failure.

This week, I challenge you to a new way of thinking for the year 2015, choose a word that will provide clarity and direction to your life for the entire year.  My word for 2014 is “Enjoy.”  Throughout this entire year, I have been called to enjoy every moment in my life.  Choosing “Enjoy” as my word provided the direction for me to enjoy the building of this weekly message to reach numerous people in building a Community of Competitors.  It is and continues to be a labor love to receive the feedback from you on a weekly basis.  (This process is outlined in the book One Word the Will Change your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page)

Maintaining the word enjoy throughout the year has allowed focused time together and tremendous growth in the life of our family as we treasure each moment we have together to watch our family progress and our boys to develop.  Enjoy was also in the front of my mind when coaching and working with the young people I have the opportunity to come in contact with on a daily basis.  I have enjoyed seeing these young people accomplish great things and not just endure, but overcome adversity.

This leads to the choice of my word for 2015, “GROWTH.”  I have chosen growth as my word because of the need to use my strengths and grow in every way possible.  I want to view every opportunity as an area of growth.  In my family life, we can see how much growth we can have to make progress together as a unit, enjoying life and improving every single day.  As a performance enhancement coach and grower of young people, I look forward to growth they can achieve through every opportunity to learn.

I am looking for you as a member of the Community of Competitors to help me grow in 2015.  Pass this message on to someone and grow the Community of Competitors.

This brings us to you.  What do you want out of 2015?  Over the next week, as you mindfully progress through your work on a daily basis, observe what is occurring and what you want for next year.  Choose a word that provides clarity and direction for your life.  When you have decided on a word, email it to me, share it on social media with a message to me, or comment below with your word.

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Enjoy and grow throughout this week.

Yours in Competition,

Jeff Swarr

Chief Competition Officer

For more information on choosing your word, check out the following resource:

The Official web site of the book: One Word the Will Change your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page